Rhyfelfawr Arthur; The Young King Arthur (Arthurian Age) - Cian Beirdd
In this concise work, the young Arthur learns hunting and statecraft from his father, becomes a skilled competitor, and then learns defeat and betrayal. After he is confined several days, he must choose between serving another king or risking death in order to escape. Confronting another king’s deceit, Arthur gambles his life once more.

Homeless and weary, young Arthur must prove himself worthy of serving a king less noble then himself. Of all his peers, only Arthur is courageous enough to hunt the beast that ravaged a village.

As the young Arthur achieves manhood, he must choose whether to be satisfied with local respect and celebrity, or to face the hardships of the road in search of a greater destiny.

The author captured my interest from the beginning and held it until the final page. I hope the author someday expands this story, exploring other incidents in the legendary king’s life. However, this work stands on its own as a complete, yet compact, tale. It does not imitate those eBooks, which like appetizers, tease, rather than satisfy.