I saw the Dalai Lama speak in Boulder, Colorado this morning. I couldn’t hear well and it seemed like every time he made an important point I only heard the grinding of an ice machine in the concession stand. Even so, I feel fortunate and grateful that I was able to attend.

Before he began, the city of Boulder presented him with a bicycle helmet—an appropriate gift for that college town. He put the helmet on, then he said it could represent protection against affliction on one’s life journey.

He spoke both in English and Tibetan (through his interpreter), and impressed me as both erudite and humble, both knowledgeable and inquisitive. He urged his fellow believers to practice a 21st century Buddhism, rather than one appropriate to the past—a very contemporary idea from a man born 81 years ago.

I won’t be lengthy and conclude with these words which I hope I took down correctly, “It is very important to understand that all world religions have the same message, and that is love.”